Nya Varvet

Fredrik Bloms väg 27

Nya Varvet

Nya Varvet is a historic district and former marina. The green area today consists of housing and a large business park at the harbor entrance. The closeness to the sea  is striking and invites you to long beautiful walks or jogging trips in the area and along the beach. 

Building type - SMOKE FREE HOUSING

In the former regiment area, SGS hires 53 single rooms with common kitchens from Källfelt Byggnads AB. The houses was originally built in the late 18th century and has last been a hotel.

Some of the rooms have kitchenettes, but cooking is to be done in the common kitchen. The kitchenette may only be used for heating food. Stove fan is not available.


Apartment Type Number Living Area Rent Estimated waiting time Floor Plans
Single room, shared kitchen, unfurnished 12 16 - 19 3842 - 4091 about 18 months
Single room and cooking cabinet, unfurnished 21 16 - 20 4174 - 4506 about 18 months


  • Bike Storage
  • Internet

Customer centre

At Kundcenter Utlanda you will meet Customer Service to help you in all matters and our caretakers / property managers who fixes in your home and the property you live in.


NOTE! Due to the increased spread of infection and the stricter advice that the Västra Götaland region has issued in connection with Covid-19, we only accept scheduled visits to our Customer Centers. To book an appointment, call your customer center or use the contact form on our website. Use the heading "Appointment booking". You can book a meeting between 09.00 - 15.45 every weekday. During these times, we will limit the number of visitors to our premises.

Utlandagatan 24

031-333 64 20

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:00

Phone hours
Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:00


Move in info

Welcome to Nya Varvet - Smoke free housing!

Smoke free housing
Many people wish to live in a smoke-free environment for various reasons. To cater for the needs of these persons and to create good living conditions, smoking is prohibited in the property at Nya Varvet.

The non-smoking policy is valid in the dwellings, in the communal spaces, on balconies and patios. Nor is smoking permitted outdoors in the close vicinty to the property. The tenant commits him-/herself to comply with the non-smoking policy on the premises and also to see to that any visitors, for whom the tenant is responsible, comply with the smoking ban.

General move-in information you will find on our website under Housing information/Moving in.

Contact form (if you need to contact us in any case) you will find when you log on to My pages.

If something breaks or need attention in your home you can make a fault report through the contact form on My pages.

Rules for rooms with kitchen cabinets
In single rooms with kitchen cabinets it's only allowed to heat up food. Stove fan is not available. For cooking, we refer to the common kitchen.

SGSNET broadband is included in the rent.
Information about your Internet connection (how to register and setup) can be found under Internet/Guides. Remember that when you register it is the customer number printed on your rental contract you should use.

The rooms are not furnished.

The tenant cleans the room and also the common kitchen. Stairwells and corridors are cleaned by SGS Studentbostäder.

Household waste / recovery
Containers for household waste are located adjacent to the entrance.
Recycling station is located in the immediate area.

There is a laundry room in the property. Booking of laundry time is done with booking lock on booking board.

Mailboxes are in the entrance plan.

Storage facilities are available for rent.

Electricity and hot water
Included in the rent.

Information about 10-month rent 

Comhem is responsible for cable TV, tel. 0771-55 00 00.

Bicycle parking
Weather-protected bicycle parking is available.

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