Johannebergs vattentorn

Richertsgatan 2 F

Building type

A 14-storey water tower erected in 1925. Converted for residential use in 1996.


24 × 1 room with kitchen.
The octagonal tower features two apartments on each floor.

Johannebergs vattentorn

Rotary shares its property with one of only two water towers in Sweden to have been converted to a student residence. The tower is 40 metres tall and houses the highest apartments in Göteborg. Its top floor is located 134 metres above sea level. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Vinga and even further. There is a pub in the area. Cycle parking in the courtyard. Cycle pump available outside the environmental building. At Eklandagatan, 5 minutes walk, you find Willys grocer's shop, cash dispenser, several fast food places, pharmacy and fruit shop. Nearest pizzeria is at Viktor Rydbergsgatan.


Apartment Type Number Living Area Rent Estimated waiting time Floor Plans
One room and kitchen, unfurnished 2 27 4995 about 54 months
One room and kitchen, unfurnished 22 38 5735 - 6324 about 50 months


  • Garage
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Internet
  • Elevator
  • Barbeque

Customer centre

At Kundcenter Johanneberg you will meet Customer Service to help you in all matters and our caretakers / property managers who fixes in your home and the property you live in.

Richertsgatan 2 A

031-333 64 40

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:00

Move in info

Welcome to Johanneberg vattentorn!

Contact form (if you need to contact us in any case) you will find when you log on to My pages.

SGSNET broadband is included in the rent. 
Information about your Internet connection (how to register and setup) can be found under Internet/Guides. Remember that when you register it is the customer number printed on your rental contract you should use.

House phone Vattentornet
You find a phone and an ATA-box in the flat. The ATA-box is connected to your Internet socket. The cable between the ATA-box and the Internet socket must not be pulled out. If the cable is pulled out neither your house phone nor broadband will work. For internet connection you use the gate at the ATA-box which is marked “data”. Visitors use the entry phone by pressing the three last figures of your flat number and after that ring/open (“ring/öppna”) on the board. After this you will hear it ring in your home. When your house phone rings, lift the receiver and answer. The door will open when you press * on the phone. The telephone belongs to the flat and should be left for the next tenant. If you lose a telephone you will be charged 400 SEK and if you lose an ATA-box you will be charged 2 500 SEK.

Electricity is not included in the rent. Report to Göteborg Energi AB, tel 031-62 62 62, or on their website
Note: It is very important that you make a moving-in notification, otherwise there might be no power in the apartment you move into.

The storeroom is in the shelter at the end of the cellar but also in the corridors. There is a private storage space for each of our tenants. Your apartment key fits the locker. You need to buy your own padlock, exept flat no 72 which has a locking cylinder.

The following flats have store rooms in Vattentornet:
72, 81, 82, 91, 92, 101, 102, 222, 112, 121 and 122.

The following flats have store rooms in Rotary:
2B  -  11, 12, 21, 22  (at cycle stands)
2C  -  31, 32, 41  (behind cycle stands)
2D  -  42, 51, 52  (behind cycle stands)
2E  -  61, 62, 71  (the gable)  

Household wastes/recycling
The waste storage room with source separation is in the courtyard.

Communal rooms
• Hobby-room in the cellar of building 2 E. Key can be borrowed by the Students’ council. Tools for  lending.

• Study room (2 rooms) in the A-building. Can be booked through “My pages” on SGS website or the booking board in the laundry in the yard.

• Sports hall in the A-building. Can be booked through “My pages” on SGS website or the booking board in the laundry in the yard.

• Sauna in the A-building. Booking can be made through “My pages” on SGS website or the booking board in the laundry in the yard. 

• Rotary pub in the A-building. The pub is run by tenants and offer food and drinks at reasonable prices.

For more information, see

Cycle parking in the courtyard.

There are two laundries at Rotary. One is in entrance B, a half-flight down to the left. The other laundry is above the environmental building. You can book two washing machines at a time.

Tele2 is responsible for cable TV, phone 90 222.

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