Övre husargatan 13 - 15 / Risåsgtan 4

Building type

Four-storey brick building, previously a factory. It was built in 1900 and converted to an apartment building in 1997.
Two newly built eight-storey brick houses, built in 1997.


20 × 1 room with kitchenette
107 × 1 room with kitchen
20 × 2 rooms with kitchen

Most of the apartments feature an open plan between the kitchen and the room.


In 1830, "husarer" (cavalrymen) from the county of Skåne arrived in Göteborg to assist the local police and serve as a guard unit. They were based in a building in the district of Haga, which explains how the streets Husargatan and Övre Husargatan got their names. From Husaren, it is only a few minutes walk to the School of Economics and Commercial Law, Samvetet (the Social Science Centre) and Psykologen (the Department of Psychology). At close quarters you find Linnéstaden with restaurants and pubs. You reach the recreation area Slottsskogen in a few minutes.


Apartment Type Number Living Area Rent Estimated waiting time Floor Plans
One room and kitchenette, unfurnished 20 20 - 30 3975- 4255 about 56 months
One room and kitchen, unfurnished 107 28 - 44 4537 - 6149 about 51 months
Two rooms and kitchen, unfurnished 20 33 - 43 5866 - 6780 about 60 months


  • Bike Storage
  • Internet
  • Elevator

Customer centre

At Kundcenter Johanneberg you will meet Customer Service to help you in all matters and our caretakers / property managers who fixes in your home and the property you live in.

Richertsgatan 2 A

031-333 64 40

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:00

Move in info

Welcome to Husaren!

Contact form (if you need to contact us in any case) you will find when you log on to My pages.

SGSNET broadband is included in the rent. Information about your Internet connection (how to register and setup) can be found under Internet/Guides.
Remember that when you register it is the customer number printed on your rental contract you should use.

Elevators are located in Övre Husargatan 15 and after a staircase on Risåsgatan 4. 

The flat is unfurnished. The following fixtures are included in the flat: hat shelf or coat-hooks.

All flats without clothes cupboards have their own storeroom. The storeroom is marked with your flat number.

Windows at fire gables  
Applies to the flats at Övre Husargatan 15/704, 804 and Risåsgatan 4/706, 707, 804 and  805. The windows at the gable towards Övre Husargatan 13 must, due to demands from the fire authorities, always be kept closed. These windows are therefore not equipped with ordinary lock fittings, but you need a special handle if you are going to clean the windows etc.

Electricity is not included in the rent. Report to Göteborg Energi AB, tel 031-62 62 62, or on their website
Note: It is very important that you make a moving-in notification, otherwise there might be no power in the apartment you move into.

Your meter is in the electrical centre in the flat. The electrical centre is fitted with circuit breaker, i.e. you do not need any spare plugs.

  • If the fuse has blown a green sign marked zero is shown.
  • Draw out the flex from the electrical equipment which has caused the blow.
  • Change over the fuse so that a red zero is shown.
  • If the fuse is blown several times contact your Kundcenter.

The ventilation system is set to balance the air. This means that filtered air comes through the valves in the ceiling and is sucked through the valves in the shower room and through the hood, even when the hood is closed.
It is important that you do not try to open the valves or tighten them in different ways, as this will affect the ventilation in your flat and also the flats of your neighbours. If you need to clean around the valves in the ceiling use a vacuum cleaner accessory. Do not use a damp cloth!

Household wastes/recycling
There are 2 smaller waste chambers at Övre Husargatan 13 & 15.
At Risåsgatan 4 there is a waste chamber with several sorting options.

You find information about the washing times in each laundry.

Tele2 is responsible for cable TV, phone 90 222.


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