Environmental tips.

There is a lot you can do yourself to reduce impact on the environment. Here are a few simple tips.

Sort waste! Composting and material recycling are absolutely essential for a long-term sustainable society. To achieve a sufficiently good eco-cycle, everyone has to help out. We're not there yet, but by sorting waste you can participate in positive development.

Take showers, but not too long. Also try turning off the water while shampooing. To heat shower water, a considerable amount of energy is expended that entails environmental impact. The more often and longer you shower, the greater your impact on the environment.

If you have a toilet with two flush buttons, it's smart to just flush with a little water when appropriate. Find out which button you should use for reduced flushing. We flush our toilets with clean drinking water. Even if we have good access to water in Sweden, preparation of drinking water is a complicated process that also entails a certain amount of environmental impact. Toilet flushing also entails a certain amount of heat loss. Water that's stood a few hours in a toilet tank has namely had time to "steal" heat from the room. When we then flush, the water runs out of the building, along with the "stolen" heat.

Use the plug when you wash dishes by hand and rinse with cold water. The better you conserve hot water, the better it is for the environment.

Only wash clothes when necessary and fill the machines. It can sometimes be enough let a shirt or blouse to air for awhile instead of washing it. If you collect your dirty laundry in a good laundry basket, you may not need to wash as often and can fill the machines when you do wash. In this way, you can utilise our laundry facilities more effectively and contribute to reducing the use of electricity.

Obtain a multi-way socket that can be switched off! By connecting several different devices to one of these sockets, you can easily turn off several at the same time and thus avoid unnecessary power consumption for devices in stand-by mode.

When it's time to replace light bulbs, make sure that you switch to energy-efficient models. There are now several different alternatives for energy-efficient light bulbs. Find about the advantages and disadvantages and choose what best suits your needs.

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