Environmental policy.

SGS Student Housing shall actively work to ensure that our business, with building, managing and renting out student housing, is conducted with as little negative environmental impact as possible. Innovation, digitalisation and sustainability must be considered from the three perspectives economically, socially and ecologically.

We will achieve this by

  • fulfilling and if possible exceeding applicable legal requirements, ordinances and directives.

  • adopting new technology and new knowledge, and continually improving our work with the environment.

  • maintaining high environmental awareness among personnel and suppliers.

  • providing the prerequisites for our tenants being able to live environmentally friendly.

  • choosing products, materials and suppliers with consideration to the environment.

  • plan our work so that unnecessary travel is avoided.

  • encourages and creates opportunities for the choice of means of transport with low environmental impact.

  • buying, renting or leases vehicles with environmental considerations in mind.

SGS 2020