Don’t forget insurance.

Take care of yourself. Take out a renter’s Insurance.

Your peace of mind is important to us and therefore we have started a collaboration with Trygg Hansa where our tenants can take out an affordable home insurance. If you are a new tenant at SGS, Trygg Hansa is offering two months free renter’s insurance. The two free months also includes a supplementary insurance, that provides compensation if you lose or accidentally break any of your possessions.

NOTE! To be able to sign a home insurance, a Swedish social security number is required.

No one can be completely safe from disasters such as burglary, fire, and flooding. You may be liable to pay for any damage you cause on the property, such as from water leaking from a broken aquarium, dishwasher or washing machine. The same applies for broken basins, bath tubs and water closets. For these and similar cases, it is advisable that you have home insurance. It is recommended that you take out a home insurance policy if you have not already done so. If you have an insurance, make sure it is sufficiently large.

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