What is a resident board/contact committee?

Resident boards/contact committees operate in some of our areas. They are responsible for looking after the interests of the tenants, act as a contact between the tenants and SGS and manage some of the common spaces. They also arrange activities for tenants. In most of our residential areas, tenants pay a small fee every month to the resident board. The size of this fee differs between areas and has been decided by the tenants. The names of the members of your local resident board/contact committee are posted on notice boards in the area. You may turn to the board/committee if you have questions. For more information see "Contact  committee".

How is a resident board/contact committee founded?

The board is formed at a tenants' house meeting. Some tenants usually take the initiative to call a meeting where all tenants are welcome to participate. SGS Studentbostäder can assist in summon to the first meeting and draw up the agenda.

Important: the notice should be distributed 14 days before the meeting, at the latest.

For further information, please contact your Kundcenter.

The following items are required at the house meeting

  1. Vote yes or no for a resident board/contact committee.
  2. Proposal for rules, see enclosed example.
  3. Election of a committee with a minimum of five people, chairman, cashier,  secretary and two members.

Small fee / "FR-krona"

The size of the fee is decided at the house meeting for a year at a time. The size differs and can vary between 10 and a maximum amount of 25 SEK per month. SGS Studentbostäder administer the fee on the rent bill and deposit the money in the resident board?s bank account.

Co-operation with SGS Studentbostäder

It is very important to establish a good co-operation between the resident board and SGS Studentbostäder. Maintenance, investments, property management, housing and management are matters which are dealt with at the quarterly meetings.

Should the resident board be dispersed SGS Studentbostäder must inevitably be informed.

Policy for Studentbostäder's resident boards (in Swedish only)

Policy för SGS Studentbostäders förtroenderåd (PDF 72 KB)

Proposal for rules (in Swedish only) 

Förslag till stadgar (PDF 305 KB)

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